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futureLAB develops and distributes Smartpolice, the leading software solution for the preservation of evidence.

We started out with media asset management systems. Out of that emerged Smartpolice, our complete modular solution for digital evidence, such as images or videos. On the one hand, police are increasingly working with digital media such as pictures or videos, and on the other hand these processes can be accelerated and simplified thanks to smartphones. futureLAB works closely with Swiss police agencies and is constantly engaged in further development of its solution for digital evidence preservation.

Management Team
Portraitfoto Hans Groff
Hans Groff, CEO

Managing Director


Portraitfoto Oliver Gruber
Oliver Gruber, CDO

UX & Product Management


Portraitfoto David Renz
David Renz, CMO

Marketing & Sales


Portraitfoto Micha Surber
Micha Surber, COO

Head of Operations


Portraitfoto Matthias Aebi
Matthias Aebi, Chairman of the Board

Founder of futureLAB


Our History

In 2000, we started to digitise business processes and to develop highly scalable systems, for example, for media asset management systems. The result is Smartpolice, our web-based complete solution for taking digital evidence and argumentation. Seven police agencies in Switzerland now work with our solution – and the demand from other emergency services in Switzerland and abroad is constantly increasing.

That is why – and because we really enjoy doing so – we now only focus on Smartpolice in our company. Our complete modular solution simplifies daily police work, accelerates processes and increases the success rate. Because images and videos are easily backed up and automatically uploaded to the media database, every official has immediate access to all available evidence, and the chain of evidence is fully traceable. Smartpolice makes the world safer. This is why we are committed to it every day.

We are an interdisciplinary team of software engineers, usability experts and business economists. Each and every one of us is experienced, continuously undergoes further training, and we put our heart and soul into our work.

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